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Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to sugar-coated chocolate sweets and they are willing to pay premium for tooth-friendly variants if these alternatives are available in the markets. Therefore, the approval of stevia in the EU could signal a breakthrough for sugar-free and tooth-friendly confectionery as manufacturers break the artificial association with such sweeteners. With the global consolidation of the confectionery industry and complex supply chain, products are required to maintain their quality for a longer period of time. However, a long supply chain can result in unwanted stickiness in candies, which is due to sugar inversion, where sucrose turns into glucose and fructose.
Confectionery manufacturers can use acid sanding to overcome this issue.This process coats sugar confectionery with a blend of sugar and acid powders, which would react with exterior influences once the packaging is opened.  The choice of acid powder is critical to the success of an acid sanded product because the powder provides stability, low hygroscopicity and clean, taste profile.