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We are cooperating with Tan Nhat Huong Company to distribute Topping Cream products in Myanmar region as a commerce representative and sole exporter. Tan Nhat Huong is one of biggest topping cream manufacturer in Viet Nam. In 2007, Tan Nhat Huong invested an own topping cream factory under the state of the art technology transferred from F.B. Ice Holland. Tan Nhat Huong's factory is the first cream factory in Viet Nam, which is obtained the food safety successfully with ISO, HACCP, GMP). Since then, Tan Nhat Huong has turned a new step in our business history with a new brand of topping cream which has both good taste and outstanding performance feature to meet different application requirements. In addition, Tan Nhat Huong has been opening a Bakery Training Center ( Bakerlove) which has been training about management skills, sales skills of a bakery or professional bakery chain, training of European recipes such as: breads, Asian and European pastries, traditional Chinese cakes, traditional Vietnamese cakes, decorating cream cakes, etc. The Center's trainee includes the owner bakeries who would like to develop a career in bakery industry; someone who wants to open a bakery or someone who wants to make cake in the family or give relatives in the special occasions.