Markets & Trends


“Markets worldwide are being shaped by the health and wellness megatrend. This included the dairy sector where growing consumer demands for health-promoting products have had a major impact on manufacturers’ product line policy. Innovations that are especially successful today meet requirements such as:
Low fat – low calorie because the topic obesity is becoming more and more important and the outcome of this development can also be noticed in the refrigerated sections of the supermarkets: Ever frequently consumers opt for fat and sugar reduced products - and also stick with them. New flavors in the segment of calorie-reduced products allow the consumers to eat calorie-conscious as well as diversified. New innovative sweeteners are also ideally suited: Stevia has zero calories, is of natural origin and therefore corresponds with the current trends. Stevia products allow indulgence and offer "great taste" without resentment.

Added value because dairy products play an important role in maintaining a balanced diet. Enriching these products with vitamins, minerals or other functional ingredients strengthens their image as healthy food. The type of sweetener used in products is also playing an increasingly important role in consumer choices. By using pure fruit sugars, the positive image of fresh milk products can be enhanced, enabling a premium position to be reached in the wellness segment of the market.”