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Yogurt Cheese

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Bottom Layer
100g Biscuits Cake
50g Butter
Cheese Cream
70g Cheese powder (*)
80g Icing Sugar
200g Yogurt (*)
150g Lemon Juice
150g Milk
8g Gelatine
1 Egg Yolk
50g Whipping cream
100g Topping (Silver ) (*)
(*)available at IFFI product portfolio.

1. The gelatine was dissolved with the water waiting them till condensed each other.
2. Melt the butter then blend together with Biscuits was crumble.
3. Mix well cheese powder with milk then add icing sugar , yogurt and few lemon juice into and mix together by the handle whisk.
4. Melt the mixture contains gelatine and water till liquid then pour into the egg after that stir them well.
5. Whip the topping cream and whip cream.
6. Mix well the mixture of (3),(4) and (5) each other.
7. Make the cake and decorations.